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September 03, 2008


Dixie Rachell

Nice interview. Love the socks.


"I’ve been working on unlearning those rules ever since" LOL that is so Stacy! :)

Heather D

Stacy's philosophy of scrapbooking is why I felt comfortable to start my own scrapbooking. Now I teach it.
She's a real inspiration, as far as I'm concerned.


Love Stacy, love LMM...you are altogether amazing!

michelle p. from spokane, wa

Love the fun and vibrancy of your socks. Stacy J. is awesome!

tammy b

hooray for all us us kooky, zany, wackadoos!


Great interview! Stacy is such an inspiration. That woman gets more done before she gets out of bed than I do all day! She is amazing. Love the LMM socks too!

Amy Quertermous

I love these socks and I'm so agree with Stacy on why we scrapbook. It's exactly the right words I've been trying to express to my own family and friends who just don't get it.


Stacy rocks!!! Love the mismatched stuff!


I LOVE fun socks! Unlearning the rules is what I'm doing too!


Love SJ. Great interview!


Great interview. Gotta love Stacy's positive outlook. LMM socks are awesome!

sherry  Hale

I check in on Stacy via her blog and she is just the sweetest thing ever.
AND Yesssssss she is responsible for my addiction to your socks.
Everyone knows they are a perfect gift me and I love it.


I've never taken a scrapbooking class. . . until Stacy's HAVE MORE FUN class. And it has been fun. Oh, it's been WORK. . . but it's fun work and I am stretching and learning things I never thought I could do. I am so blown away when she comments on something I have posted to the gallery. This has been my best investment in me since I bought my Prius!
Anne Clausen
Shorewood, WI


Stacey is too cute!! I wonder if these socks will make me as cute as her! ;D


I love Stacey - she is just so much fun!
And I adore your socks! I have one set myself and just love browsing through your website. Such a cute idea!

Rebecca B

I'm so glad you interviewed Stacy J--she was the one who introduced me to LMM a couple years ago. Your colorful socks and clothes always make me smile so big!


Thanks for a fun interview with Stacy. Love your products- what fun!


I just love that interview. Stacy's personality fits those polka socks to a "T"......I think she needs her own line at LMM:-) Rita


The quotes inspired me and made me smile, like Stacy, herself and these socks!!!! :)

Jody M

Great interview, Stacy!! Makes me want to go scrapbook right now!


What a great interview! Stacy is a definate superhero in the scrapbooking community, and we love her, no matter how marvelous, kooky, zany, or wacky she is! What an inspiration! I'm so glad I'm taking part in her Have More FUN class! I'm learning all kinds of FUN stuff! Not to mention those super cute socks . . . how fun is THAT?!


Thanks for the interview. I love your socks. They make my days fun!

Colleen F

Just found your site. Love the interview with Stacy. Thinking my 8yr old DD needs the mismatched socks. She would just die over these.


Love Stacy and all she represents. Also love those socks!

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