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September 03, 2008



Love that Stacy J! She rocks! I had no idea she had been a chef in France... Hmmm... Fun stuff!

Little Miss Matched

I know...doesn't she?! Glad you enjoyed the interview!!


I love Stacy! She is the most postive fun person I "know". How about read :) Love those socks. The are like Stacy FUN!!

nicole from oregon

Love Stacy for sharing about your socks and tights on her blog! I just love what you offer! What a great concept! With four kids, we often have mismatched socks by default...but they are not this cute! Adorable!!

hillary Chybinski

two great things that go great together - Stacy J and LMM!!


Beth Nixon

LOOOOVE the quotes!! And LOVE the mis-matched socks!


Very fun interview. Stacy is way cool and so are LMM products. I love your style and colors and the fact that I don't have to worry about matching!


Love Stacy. She's definitely a source of inspiration for me. Thanks to her and her books, I am learning to see scrapbooking from a whole new perspective, and with a lot less guilt. Isn't that awesome? Oh and I'm loving those socks. My hubby and I would definitely enjoy them (and look awesome in them too) :)


I so enjoy Stacy and her inspiration that she shares so openly with the rest of us. It helps me get through the day.


Love Stacy-love her philosophy and love the socks!!

rachel marquette

great socks! great quotes!


Love Stacy Julian! She is awesome! Your socks/tights are too cute!

Tiffany N

Great Stacy interview. She (her blog) is how I found out about LMM. Many pairs of socks later, my daughters and I are looking forward to redecorating their rooms into LMM designs.


Thanks for the interview on Stacy Julian! She's so inspiring and I love that she spreads the word that scrapbooking is for everyone and that it's about the memories. It makes me so sad that people quit scrapbooking because they get frustrated with keeping up. Little Mismatched is after my own heart. I used to wear everything mismatched - down to my earrings. I haven't done it in a long time and I miss it.


Love this company!! I first saw these products on a street vendor cart in NYC this summer. It was in the South Seaport area. I can't wait to get my own socks!



Love Stacy J! Love the colors and patterns you use, I just have to smile to see all those colors!


nice little interview...fun lady

lisa tanner

Great interview!!


Love your products and Stacy is so fun and inspirational. Keep up the great work.

lisa d

Adorable products, great interview - love Stacy J! Thanks for both!

Brenda Benjamin

Great interview. It's nice to hear that someone else is trying to "unlearn" the rules. Love this company and the zany, fabulous STUFF! How can you not be in a good mood wearing these socks?

Katie Scott

fun interview & fun socks! If you don't make wallets I think you should - I need a new one & a colorful one would be fun!

Katie Scott

ok cool - i see that you DO make wallets!


Stacey is so much fun. So glad she "showed" me through her blogs how much fun scrapbooking can be. The socks are adorable. Just seeing them puts me in a good mood!!

Nicki Lundeen

Wonderful interview. Stacy, you are such an upbeat person...I love watching you on tv and reading your blog. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to win these fun socks!

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